Playground Slides

Step into a fantasy world of play with winding playground slides offered by Pacific Play Systems for communities within San Diego, Orange, San Bernardino, Riverside, Imperial and Los Angeles. Located in the San Diego County area, Pacific Play Systems offers its customers state of the art commercial playground equipment containing a wide variety of fun and challenging playground slides.

When it comes to commercial quality slides, there are several categories. The first category of slides involves slides used for outdoor playground equipment. These slides can be either free-standing, such as the stand-alone slide structures, generally consisting of a slide accessed by steps or a combination of steps and climbers. Or, they can be a part of a composite play structure, such as the straight playground slides, winding slides, curved slides, twister slides, wavy slides, tubular slides, sectional slides, double slides, triple playground slides, etc.

The second category of slides consists of slides used on soft play indoor playground equipment. Generally speaking, these are tubular playground slides that often either exit onto a padded surface or into a ball pit. Read more