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Pacific Play Systems offers dog park equipment installation service in Southern California.
dog park equipment
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Dog Park Equipment Installation

Bark Park is a dog park equipment provider with a line of site amenities that caters to every need of a dog owner. The welcome sign sets the tone and rules of the dog park in order to help promote safety and fun. The Leash Post provides a place to momentarily tie your dog while getting things ready for your day at the park. For the owners, a variety of park benches are available which can provide much-needed rest during your activities.

Trash receptacles are also available, helping to maintain the park clean and safe for everyone and their furry friends! Furthermore, the Pet Waste Station provides a must-have tool for dog owners to clean up after their pets and keep the park clean.

dog park equipment

Dog Park Playground Installation Service - Pacific Play Systems

We also offer free dog park design and consultation, making it possible for our clients to plan their project through us, all under a single contract.

dog park fido and me equipment

Fido and Me Fountain

This fountain offers a pedestal style drinking fountain with attached pet fountain. This important site amenity offers a refreshing water break for both dogs and their owners.

Weave Post

Weave Posts

Helping to keep your dog active and healthy, Bark Park offers a variety of obstacles for dogs of all types and sizes. The Weave Posts are a dog park favorite, offering a fun and challenging activity.

dog park equipment king of the hill

King of the Hill

With the King of the Hill obstacle, dogs of all sizes can test their abilities as they climb up one side and descend on the other at their own pace and confidence level. This activity helps to develop endurance and balancing capacity. For beginners, safety can be increased by performing the activity while on the leash and under the supervision of their owner.


Stepping Paws

The Stepping Paws are designed to help develop your dog’s balance and coordination. The obstacle requires your dog to either step or jump from platform to platform as they increase and decrease in height. These can be arranged in multiple layouts and levels of difficulty. They also provide a nice area for digs to sit and rest after a fun day at the park!

Rover Jump Over

The Rover Jump Over is an adjustable jump bar that allows for easy changes in height, making it the perfect activity to test the abilities of dogs of all sizes. The easily adjustable bar is perfect for both beginners and advanced dogs.

Small Hoop Jump

The Hoop Jump series has two options, the Small Hoop Jump and the Hoop Jump. Designed for small dogs and big dogs respectively, they offer a fun way to get some exercise.
dog park teeter totter equipment

Teeter Totter

The Teeter Totter is an obstacle that requires the dog to control the situation. This activity can help boost your dog’s confidence in terms of balance once it has been mastered.
dog park doggie crawl equipment

Doggie Crawl

The Doggie Crawl is a classic obstacle of dog parks all over. This popular event offers spyholes along the sides to allow for increased supervision and interior brightness. The large diameter tunnel allows easy entry by most any size dog.
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