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We Can Help with Your Playground Equipment Fundraising

Having a design can go a long way in starting your playground equipment fundraising efforts for a community playground, a church, pre-school or kindergarten playground. At Pacific Play Systems, we provide our clients with a full set of 2D CAD drawings, as well as 3D colored renderings that clearly illustrate what the playground fundraising project entails. We also provide a detailed cost estimate to enable our customers to clearly identify their overall goals and objectives.

Finally, we can break down the cost of the project into a number of mini projects, so that a playground equipment fundraising event can be organized to raise funds for a portion of the overall project at a time. Therefore, funds can be raised for individual components, such as swing bays, slides, panels, monkey bars, etc.

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Playground Equipment Fundraising - Assisting All Types of Organizations

We assist school PTA, PTO organizations, daycares, churches, apartments and HOA property management companies in fundraising for commercial playground equipment projects. Our playground design package is available both in hard copies as well as in digital format so that it can be either hand delivered to potential sponsors, or sent via email.

All the Information You Need for Fundraising

This information can be presented to local businesses and community service organizations to obtain donations that are tax deductible and can also provide an opportunity for these giving entities to earn free publicity. Once some sponsors are secured, colorful “thank you” cards created by the children are an excellent way for a preschool to show its appreciation for the sponsors’ donations.

In turn, sponsors will love to post these “thank you” cards in a place visible to their employees and customers. Aside from local businesses, parents of students who own and operate businesses may also be a good target for your playground equipment fundraising project.

Set Goals for Your PlaygroProjectund Equipment Fundraising

To start your play equipment fundraising project, set clear goals and plan on having a number of mini events, where each fundraising event will raise funds to cover a number of components or a percentage of the overall funds needed for the project. This way, you are breaking down a large project into smaller components thus making it easier to accomplish your goals. Once you start to raise money, it will raise morale and will get everyone fired up to see the project through.

Be sure to get the children involved with your playground fundraising project and get them excited about it! The more the children talk about their new playground, the more the parents will hear about it and be more drawn to contribute towards the effort.

Additional Fundraising Ideas

The following is a number of ideas that can be applied towards play equipment fundraising projects by parents, school officials, PTA or PTO members:

Penny or coin drives: One idea is to fill the bed of a pick-up truck with donated coins by getting student volunteers to each raise $50 to $100 in lose change and bring it to the final event and empty it on the bed of a pick up truck! The more volunteers you get, the more money you can raise!

Other popular playground equipment fundraising events include the traditional raffles and bake sales, which there is little or no cost to it since the baked goods and prizes donated can be secured through local businesses or parents. Your fundraising project can become more effective with publicity via the local news channel or newspaper. Local news organizations often go all out to help out with a good cause, if the opportunity is presented to them. Finally, get everyone involved, be persistent and see it through.

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