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Specializing in commercial play equipment installation

Pacific Play Systems specializes in commercial playground equipment installation for apartments, schools, parks, churches and homeowner association management companies. We provide full service installation throughout southern California, from the Mexican border to Orange County, Riverside, San Bernardino, Los Angeles, Ventura and Santa Barbara. We also provide installation for accessory products such as shade structures, various types of safety surfacing products, fitness equipment and site furnishings.

Our installers are well seasoned and have a great deal of experience providing our clients with the peace of mind that comes from purchasing quality products manufactured by the most reputable manufacturers, purchased from a reputable local vendor and installed by the most qualified installers. Our Playcraft commercial playground equipment comes standard with detailed installation instructions, providing ease of installation for professional installers. Additionally, for customers wanting to do their own installation, we are here to assist.

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Professional Installers for Shade Structures, Swings, Slides & More

Planning a successful project is no simple task, but by having our design team working with you, you may rest assured that our staff will assist you at each step in the project. We would love to arrange for a no-cost and no-obligation meeting to examine your impending project, so please contact us today!

We Can Install All Kinds of Play Equipment

Generally speaking, indoor playground equipment installation and water park equipment installation is more complex and requires factory trained installers that are highly specialized in the installation of this type of equipment. As such, we highly recommend that customers consider having this type of equipment installed by our factory-trained and certified installers. Synthetic surfacing products such as poured-in-place rubberized surfacing and interlocking rubber tiles also take a lot of expertise to install and we recommend having these products installed by factory-trained installers as well.

Installation is a big part of a playground project and needs to be handled by highly qualified installers that have a good knowledge of the industry and safety standards. This type of installation can be a difficult task for contractors that are not familiar with this kind of work. Poor installation or employing unqualified installers can end up being very expensive, jeopardizing safety, voiding warranties and costing even more to fix.

Safety is a Critical with Playground Installations

Pacific Play Systems works hard in order to provide safer and more accessible installations for our customers. Safety is one of our biggest priorities and we are always making sure that each design and installation we complete meets or exceeds the most current commercial playground equipment safety and design standards per CPSC Publication 325 as well as ASTM F-1487-2011.

Furthermore, we make it a priority to design ADA accessible designs that comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act Accessibility Guidelines (ADAAG). Pacific Play’s veteran staff contains a validated track record that consists of twenty plus years in the playground industry, in addition to expertise in manufacturing, design, and construction.

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Playground equipment installation should be considered an important part of any playground project.

There are several ways to go about hiring installers. The most economical way to go about this is to bundle installation with the equipment purchase by selecting a dealer who offers a turnkey process that includes design, equipment, installation, etc. By doing so, all of these products and services can be bundled under the same contract, which avoids having to deal with multiple vendors. Additionally, having a single contract places the responsibility of producing a successful project on the playground dealer who should be highly qualified to do this work, if properly selected. Please see this link for recommendations for selecting a reputable dealer who is capable of offering high quality products and services.

Alternatively, using different vendors for different portions of the project requires multiple contracts and careful coordination between these vendors. Insufficient communication between vendors can create opportunities for errors and increase both project completion time and cost. Playground installers should have a good knowledge of the commercial playground equipment safety standards and must be experienced in the installation of the type of equipment that they are hired to install. Hiring unqualified installers can lead to a poor quality installation, jeopardizing safety and can even end up voiding the equipment warranty.

In recent years, commercial playground equipment installation has become highly regulated. Therefore, it is essential to select a well-qualified installer who is familiar with the latest playground safety rules and regulations per CPSC Publication 325 and ASTM F-1487-11. Generally speaking, a reputable playground dealer who offers a turnkey process should have factory certified installers who are experienced in the installation of the type of equipment that the dealer sells. There are several advantages in going with a turnkey process through the dealer. This streamlined process should reduce cost, reduce project duration and provide accountability by the dealer for the entire project, thereby preserving the warranty as installation is guaranteed by the dealer.

Generally speaking, it is not recommended for playground owners and operators to undertake complex installations in-house, unless the installation is closely supervised by a hands-on factory certified installer. Also, it is not recommended to hire building contractors for these installations as most contractors are not familiar with playground equipment safety rules and regulations. For larger projects, soft-contained playground equipment and water park equipment, it is advisable to use factory certified installers who are factory trained and are highly specialized in the installation of more complex equipment.

Currently, most states require specific licenses for the installation of playground equipment and synthetic surfacing. In California, the CSLB (Contractors State License Board) requires a C-61/D-34 license for the installation of commercial playground equipment and a C-61/D-12 license for the installation of synthetic surfacing (PIP or rubberized tiles). Furthermore, in California, a contractor with an A license is qualified to do both installation and synthetic surfacing. Regardless of who you hire to do your installation, it is advisable to check their license through the CSLB web site to make sure that they have the proper licenses to do your work and that their insurances and bonds are in place.

Pacific Play Systems, Inc. holds several CSLB construction licenses through the CSLB, including an A, B, C-61/D-34 and C-61/D-12 license. We are capable of providing our customers with a turnkey process that includes free consultation, design, planning, equipment, site furnishings, shade, surfacing, site work, demo, hauling, grading, installation and more. Our state-of-the-art Playcraft equipment is available for installation throughout California by our factory trained installers. By offering the highest quality products and services, we provide our customers with the peace of mind that comes from purchasing quality products, purchased from a reputable dealer and installed by qualified installers.