Boys and Girls Club Playground Renovation Completed for the City of San Marcos by Pacific Play Systems, Inc.

Boys and Girls Club Playground
Boys and Girls Club Playground at the City of San Marcos Corky Smith Gym

Boys and Girls Club Playground at the City of San Marcos Corky Smith Gym

Pacific Play Systems, Inc. has just put the final touches on the Boys and Girls Club playground for the City of San Marcos, located at the Corky Smith Gym. The facility, located on Pico Ave in San Marcos, CA, had contained an older playground that had provided many years of heavy use but was finally due for replacement. The City of San Marcos chose local Carlsbad based playground experts Pacific Play to complete the project. With a string of successful playground projects recently completed for the City, the company was thrilled to bring yet another state-of-the-art playground to the San Marcos community. For the Boys and Girls Club which is located just next door to San Marcos’ popular Corky Smith Gym, Pacific Play furnished and installed a new Playcraft playground, swings, freestanding activities, safety surfacing, benches and additional site amenities. The project also included a wide variety of site work completed by Pacific Play’s expert installers, Perpetual Parks and Playgrounds.

The new Playcraft equipment at the Boys and Girls Club playground will definitely provide new and exciting play opportunities for the children in San Marcos. For starters, the new play structure is substantially larger than the old playground, and its components are more tightly packed creating increased play value. Additionally, the new project has not only brought the Boys and Girls Club their first swing set, but has brought the center three new Playcraft swing sets, including the ever-popular tire swing!  These new swings, as well as the larger action packed play structure, provide the perfect setting for keeping the large number of children who attend the Boys and Girls Club active and engaged. Although the playground contains more exciting components than can be listed here, a few of its standout features include: a large twenty-foot by twenty-foot Shade Sail Canopy installed over the structure, a Track Ride for an overhead gliding trolley experience, a wide variety of Playcraft’s unique Revolution line of challenging climbers and multiple six-foot-high tantalizing slides. Add two freestanding Playcraft Bucket Spinners with 360 degrees spinning fun to the mix and you have something for everyone to enjoy!

Pacific Play also provided a large variety of site amenities and completed extensive site work at the playground. Some of the amenities included new engineered wood fibers safety surfacing, two Hexagon Tree Benches, a new concrete seat wall stretching 125 linear feet, new concrete curb, and a new ADA ramp providing wheelchair access into the play area. In terms of site work, Pacific Play demoed and hauled away the Boys and Girls Club’s existing playground equipment, wooden benches, surfacing borders and unnecessary fill material. Pacific Play also removed and replaced 224 square feet of concrete sidewalk and installed 100 square feet of new concrete slab around the perimeter of the play area. Additionally, Pacific Play cut the site to a depth of twelve inches and reduced the existing slope to make room for the new engineered wood fibers safety surfacing and completed a CPSI audit and report upon completion of the playground’s installation.

With Pacific Play’s City of San Marcos project at the Boys and Girls Club playground facility now complete, the children are thrilled to use their new Playcraft playground that will last many, many long years!






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