City of Rialto Playground Equipment Renovation Project Completed by Pacific Play Systems, Inc.

City of Rialto Playground Equipment
City of Rialto Playground Equipment Project Completed by Pacific play Systems, Inc.

Pacific Play Systems, Inc. Completes the City of Rialto Playground Equipment Renovation Project at Bud Bender Park.

Pacific Play Systems has recently completed the City of Rialto playground equipment renovation project for Bud Bender Park, using new Playcraft playground equipment and swings, etc. Located in San Bernardino County, California, the park is currently undergoing a large, multi-faceted renovation project. One key aspect to this project is the City’s decision to furnish the park with new commercial playground equipment. Pacific Play was selected out of numerous other commercial playground companies to fulfill all aspects of both the furnishing and installation phases of Bud Bender’s new playground equipment. The renovation was fully completed by Pacific Play earlier this year, however the park is still undergoing non-playground related construction.

The City project included three new Playcraft play systems for the park: one system designed for older children ages five to twelve, and two structures designed for the younger set ages two to five. Each of the three structures features Pacific Play’s attractive “Oceanside” color-scheme consisting of tan, brown, and blue. Additionally, all three of Bud Bender’s play systems contain one or more roof tops to provide both sun and heat protection while adding a striking visual element to the playgrounds.

The newly revamped park’s five to twelve age play system boasts an abundance of challenging play opportunities for older children including an eight-foot-tall Twister Slide and an eight-foot-tall Spiral Tube Slide. Two of Playcraft’s most popular slides, each action packed slide offers children a distinct and exhilarating sliding opportunity. Another one of the system’s exciting play components is the kid-favorite Climbing Wall reaching to almost six feet high! This popular component offers a challenging but fulfilling climbing and rappelling experience for older children. The five to twelve play system also features different Playcraft play panels and contains a variety of other slides, climbers and additional features.

Similar to the five to twelve playground, the two to five play structures at Bud Bender Park also contain a large variety of exciting features that are sure to keep kids coming back time and time again. Some of the stand-out features of the junior play systems include a Playcraft Double Wave Slide, an Inclined Crawl Tube, numerous play panels, a Bedrock Climber, and a Quarter Turn Slide, among other activities. The park’s new equipment is further complemented by the addition of two new ever-popular Playcraft Swing Sets that will be accessible to both the younger and older age groups.

The City of Rialto playground equipment renovation project at Bud Bender Park displays Pacific Play’s outstanding custom design abilities to create the optimum play environment with only the highest quality west coast manufactured Playcraft playground equipment!


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