Concordia Church and School Playground Project Completed by Pacific Play Systems

School Playground
School Playground Project Completed for Concordia Church and School in Chula Vista, CA

School Playground Project Completed for Concordia Church and School in Chula Vista, CA

San Diego-based, Pacific Play Systems, Inc., has just completed its most recent school playground project at Concordia Church & School located in Chula Vista, California. For the Concordia project, Pacific Play furnished and installed a large new Playcraft playground and multiple freestanding Playcraft activities. As is true of the vast majority of Pacific Play’s projects, Pacific Play created a unique custom-designed playground for Concordia after planning extensively with the school’s representatives and evaluating the school’s site in person.

Pacific Play designed Concordia’s new school playground equipment to be accessible to older children ages 5-12, and to work with the school’s uniquely shaped play area. Since Concordia’s selected playground space was both markedly narrow and large, Pacific Play created an expansive linear design to fit as many play opportunities into the space as possible. One of the great things about larger playgrounds like Concordia’s is that children are strongly encouraged to move around the play area to access all the different play components. This makes Concordia’s church playground equipment an excellent place for children to not only have a ton of fun, but to also get plenty of healthy physical activity.

In terms of specific play features, one standout feature of Concordia’s new Playcraft playground is a Triple Twister Slide, which contains three large slides attached to a single half hex deck. Children love taking off from these at the same time as their friends and seeing who can make it to the bottom first. The playground also features numerous components from Playcraft’s Revolution line. Some of these components include a Gyro-Capsule Spinner which is an upright 360 degrees spinning pod and the Revolution Freeform Climber which is an 8’ tall climbing wall made from roto-molded plastic. Additionally, Concordia’s playground contains multiple styles of overhead climbers which are great for children to build upper body strength. Also included in the school’s design is an attractive blue and yellow 20’ square Shade Sail Canopy. This shade structure towers beautifully over the middle of the playground providing plenty of sun and heat protection.

Complementing the newly completed school playground project, Pacific Play also furnished and installed two freestanding Playcraft components at Concordia: one Bucket Spinner and one SpinMAX Pod. Both of these components offer 360 degrees of spinning fun, and the SpinMAX Pod features a cozy cocoon design that’s great for kids who like a quick break from a fast-paced playground. With a superb design and the superior quality that comes with all of Playcraft’s products, Concordia’s new playground is set to provide many many years of abundant play opportunities for the school’s children.


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