Chula Vista Playground Equipment Gets Upgrades at Various Parks

City of Chula Vista Playground Equipment
Chula Vista Playground Equipment Gets Upgrades at Various Parks

Chula Vista Playground Equipment Gets Upgrades at Various Parks

City of Chula Vista playground equipment received upgrades at three parks by Pacific Play Systems, Inc. Chula Vista is a growing city in southern San Diego County that prides itself with keeping up with the increasing demands of a growing population. In beautiful Southern California, outdoor space is highly regarded and maintained given its value to the community. Over the course of this summer, the City of Chula Vista aimed to provide a fresh new look to three of their existing parks by incorporating new playground systems. Valle Lindo, Los Ninos, and Loma Verde Parks received an upgrade when Pacific Play Systems, Inc., the firm commissioned for the project, designed and completed the installation of new state of the art playground equipment at each location. When the project was first commissioned, each location housed an existing playground that contained equipment appropriate for children ages 5-12. The City’s goal was to make the playgrounds more inclusive and expand all three playgrounds to include equipment for ages 2-5.

Complementing the existing equipment and truly closing the loop in creating playground spaces that cater to children of all ages, Pacific Play Systems set out to create three designs for ages 2-5. Given that each park is unique, a different set up was provided for each location allowing for the use of each space to its full potential.

Valle Lindo Park was introduced with an overall design that includes a composite playground structure and a variety of free-standing panels with a “kid-version” clubhouse. The composite structure, designed with Playcraft Systems’ R5 Play System, houses a variety of climbers such as the Deluxe Grip Climber and the popular Disc Climber in addition to a total of three slides. A pair of Talk Tubes were included, giving the children an opportunity to communicate with each other across the playground and setting the stage for imaginative play!

Chula Vista Playground Equipment
Chula Vista Playground Equipment

The design for Los Ninos Park also includes a composite structure, but having more available space allowed for the use of some free-standing spinners extending the site’s play value. A whirling Stand-n-Spin and a couple of Spinner Seats were used, providing children with endless hours of playtime and fun. The composite structure, also designed with Playcraft Systems’ R5 Play System, features several exciting components such as the Double Poly Wave Slide, a Twister Slide, a Track Climber, and a post-mounted Steering Wheel among other items.

Lastly, Loma Verde Park offered a unique challenge in that only a limited amount of space was available for use. After thoroughly analyzing the open space in this playground, it was determined that only one area was suitable for introducing new equipment while maintaining the minimum required use zones. Given these constraints, the design for this park was developed around equipment that does not require a use zone and therefore can be installed in small spaces, while maintaining safety requirements for the existing equipment. This included a variety of ground-level panels such as the Clock Panel, Store Panel, and the ever-so-popular Tic-Tac-Toe Panel in addition to a clubhouse and a pair of talk tubes, creating endless opportunities for social interaction and creative play for the little ones!

Overall, each design was developed specifically for its respective site, aiming to create inviting and more inclusive playground spaces. With equipment from Playcraft Systems, the City of Chula Vista playground equipment renovation project allows the local residents to enjoy challenging, fun and creative playgrounds at these three parks for years to come.


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