Multi Family Playground Equipment Projects Completed In Riverside

Multi Family Playground Equipment Projects Completed In Riverside for Redlands
Lawn & Tennis Club and Enclave Apartments

Multi Family Playground Equipment Projects Completed In Riverside for Redlands Lawn & Tennis Club and Enclave Apartments

Pacific Play Systems has teamed up with Bridge Property Management to do a number of multi family playground projects in the Southern California area this summer.  “Bridge Property and Asset Management senior executives have overseen the management of more than $4 billion in investment property over the past twenty five years for both large and small real estate investors.”  The design team at Pacific Play was pleased to put together a creative design that would work in two of Bridges SoCal properties located in Paramount and Redlands.  Redlands Lawn and Tennis Club and The Enclaves were the two properties you can now find our latest playground equipment installed.

Each site had a similar layout that required a unique playground footprint to avoid obstacles.  Pacific Play Systems specializes in coming up with appropriate designs for any space, whether it is small, large, irregular, etc.  The composite design is intended for 5-12 year olds and included a variety of components and deck heights to challenge children enough to build coordination skills and have fun while they play. This structure also includes a variety of slides, all at different elevations that helps create a smooth flow of traffic throughout the structure instead of one congested area waiting for turns. The tallest deck is 72” high with a spiral slide coming off the platform, then down to a 60” deck with a twister slide, and finally down to 48” deck with a double wave slide that allows two children to slide down at once. With 12” increments in slide elevations, it allows the younger children to build their way up to the highest platform slowly.

To most children, slides seem to be the most popular component that make up playground but we have also packed these structures with challenging climbers that children absolutely love. Both the track ride and bedrock climbers have been incorporated into these designs that allow children to access higher decks easily without starting from the lowest 12” deck. One of our most exciting components of these structures is the overhead track ride, which is always a big hit with many children, even adults don’t hesitate to give it a try. The track ride is accessed off the lowest ADA deck at 12”, making it a safe option for children to glide across to the other side. Being located in SoCal, the weather can be extremely warm during the summer months and shade is always a big priority for children’s safety. At the Redlands location, Pacific Play Systems installed a large free standing hip canopy shade structure 20’ x 36’ x 10’ that covers the entire playground and offers children excellent sun & heat protection. The Enclave location is equipped with an attached shade canopy to the actual structure that shades the playground itself, keeping the components and children cool while at play. These two locations are now equipped with fun and challenging playgrounds ready to play, consider Pacific Play Systems for designing your next multi family playground project.


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