El Cajon Church Playground Equipment Installed By Pacific Play Systems

EL Cajon Church Playground Equipment Project Completed at Foothills Christian Church

El Cajon church playground equipment
Foothills Christian Church Playground

The EL Cajon church playground equipment project has recently been completed at Foothills Christian Church by Pacific Play Systems, Inc. The new forest-themed playground is located in the front yard of the church grounds and provides a great family atmosphere for churchgoers of all ages. The new playground will also provide an excellent place for children to socialize and have fun while experiencing the vigorous physical challenges that the new, exciting play space has to offer.

The new playground design incorporates numerous climbing activities such as a bedrock climber, stacked loop climber, terrace climber, tree stump climber, disc climber, spiral climber, track climber, log climber and spiral climber. Other play events include four slides at varying heights as well as multiple free-standing components, designed for children in the 5-12 age group. The forest theme of the playground provides children with exciting tree climbing challenges as well as many other activities to discover and enjoy. Since its installation, the new playground has proven to be a welcome addition for the children and their families.

The new El Cajon church playground equipment project completed for Foothills Christian Church is the first of its kind ever installed at this site and is also one of the many building improvements that the church is currently undertaking. In fact, the church spent a significant amount of time and dedication to ensure that the new addition would be aesthetically pleasing, challenging and entertaining for the children and their families. The church received several proposals for this project and chose the design by Pacific Play Systems, due to its unique offerings. Having said that, Pacific Play’s original design went through numerous revisions in order to arrive at the final version including a wide variety of activities. The project’s scope of work also included grading and other site improvements, including new sidewalks and fencing, all completed by a separate contractor. The entire project from design through construction took several months to complete.

El Cajon church playground equipment
5-12 Custom Playcraft Play Structure at Foothills Christian Church, El Cajon, CA

The custom playground equipment installed at Foothills Christian Church is manufactured by Playcraft Systems and distributed by Pacific Play Systems, Inc. Located in Carlsbad, California, Pacific Play Systems is the sole distributor of Playcraft Systems in southern California. Pacific Play has completed numerous projects from Palm Springs to the Mexican border. Recent projects include a large project for Palm Springs USD, a splash pad and playground project for special needs children for the City of Temecula, several park projects for the city of San Marcos, a school project for Poway USD, several projects at Camp Pendleton and many more.



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