Farm-Themed Playground Installed at “The Groves” of the City of Redlands

farm themed playground
The new farm-themed playground structure with the new checkerboard pattern PIP surfacing

Pacific Play Systems, Inc. is excited to announce the completion of their new “Groves” project located in the City of Redlands. Pacific Play Systems, Inc. is a leader in the design and installation of commercial playground equipment in Southern California. We offer our customers a design-build solution which enables clients to plan their entire project through our company, trimming costs and eliminating the hassle of dealing with multiple vendors and contractors. We respect our clients’ values and needs and as such, our designers here at Pacific Play proposed an imaginative and creative farm-themed playground design for The Groves.

farm themed playground
Another view of the playground structure with the silo tube slide with skylights

The project was appropriately designed to offer lots of opportunities for learning and cooperative play for children of ages 5-12. The state-of-the-art playground equipment, manufactured locally by Playcraft Systems, includes three different slides including the Dual Express Slide, Spiral Slide, and Silo Tube Slide with Skylights, along with ample climbing opportunities via the Inclined Grip Wall, Double Deep Rung Arch Climber, Terrace Climber, Stacked Loop Climber, and various activity panels to encourage imaginative play. Aside from the new 5-12 playground structure, the scope of work for this project also included the installation of PIP “Poured-in-Place” safety surfacing at its sub-base, along with a bike rack.

While designing this custom playground, our designers at Pacific Play, made sure that the playground design presented different levels of challenge to the kids. A few important things our designers always keep in mind while designing a new playground:

  • “Is the playground fun?” Children want to do fun things and want to be in interesting places. So, creating a theme designed playground not only creates a great space for the children to play, but encourages them to be imaginative while helping them develop physically, mentally, and emotionally.
  • “Is it safe?” Safety is our most important concern. We want to make sure kids are safe in the playground while playing at all times. Keeping this in mind, Pacific Play installed Poured-in-Place EPDM 50/50 green/black and tan/black checkerboard pattern surfacing, which provides the play area not only a safe surface to play on but gives the playground an exhilarating and fun look! Approximately 1700 square feet of the rubberized surfacing was provided to achieve this unique appearance for the play area.
  • “Is it ADA accessible?” Our goal at Pacific Play is to make sure that children with disabilities can access the play area and experience an equal level of fun and excitement that other children enjoy.
farm themed playground
The barn roof with its rooster medallion on top

Lastly, this new custom playground is very inviting and the barn roof with its rooster medallion on top gives this farm-themed playground a very appealing look!


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