Davia Park Just Opened Complete With Customized Playground Equipment!

Customized playground equipment suited for Davia Park
Davia Park’s new playground along with the new Double Hyper Sails shade structure

Davia Park’s new playground features a combination of traditional and Revolution Playcraft components for its customized playground equipment

With the collaboration between Pacific Play Systems’ project managers, design team, and client, Davia Park in San Marcos just opened their doors to their new state-of-the-art playground. Pacific Play Systems is a local Carlsbad based turnkey playground company, capable of handling all aspects of a project from design through completion. The company provides the highest quality customized playground equipment, most of which are manufactured right here on the west coast. Pacific Play’s every project is an opportunity to bring the community together where children and adults can enjoy the outdoors!

Revolution Components

At Davia Park, Pacific Play provided colorful new customized traditional playground equipment by the manufacturer, Playcraft Systems, thoughtfully targeting both the age groups of 2-5 and 5-12. Along with the traditional design, Pacific Play incorporated many exciting Playcraft “revolution” components into both the 2-5 and 5-12 play systems to elevate “play” to the next level! Free-standing structures were also incorporated into the project adding a unique beauty to the community. Finishing touches for the playground included a new engineered wood fiber surfacing providing the playground its natural look, along with a Double Hyper Sails shade structure installed above the playground. This high-quality shade structure not only provides an additional attractive feature to the play area but also serves an important functional purpose of providing sun protection for all park participants!

Customized playground equipment like this Sandstone Arch
The popular HooDoo Arch and Sandstone Arch

Lastly, Pacific Play teamed up with ID Sculpture and installed two state-of-the-art sandstone sculptures including the ever-popular HooDoo Arch and Sandstone Arch. These amazing and innovative climbing boulders created by ID Sculpture are not only safe and durable, but offer a truly adventurous hands-on challenge for children seeking a unique rock climbing experience…adding yet another new dimension of play value to the park for years to come!

Another view of Davia Park’s new playground

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