Climbing Boulders for Playgrounds

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About Our Climbing Boulders

Pacific Play Systems is excited to present our Southern California customers its newest line of climbing boulders for playgrounds, manufactured by ID Sculpture. Located in the high Rocky Mountains of Gunnison, Colorado, ID Sculpture has been creating an incredibly unique line of nature-inspired playgrounds since 2005. The company has quickly moved to the forefront of the natural playground industry with successful projects completed across the United States and beyond.

The rock and boulder-based commercial playground equipment by ID Sculpture are some of the most jaw-dropping and visually beautiful equipment found anywhere in the playground industry. Whether it is a small animal component from the company’s “Terracritters” line, or a large custom boulder stretching hundreds of feet, the level of detail and realism in all of ID Sculpture’s equipment is astounding. So it should come as no surprise that the company’s product is considered unsurpassed in creating magical imaginative environments that fuel children’s creativity. In fact, the company even has a special line of playground equipment known as “Play Sculptures” that function also as works of art.


Playground Climbing Boulders

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Climbing Boulders for Every Playground

In addition to limitless creative play potential, ID Sculpture’s climbing boulders for playgrounds also offer a high level of hands-on play value. Firstly, climbing opportunities proliferate on all of ID Sculpture’s equipment—be it small rocks safe for youngsters or large boulders designed to challenge the most seasoned rock climbers. Also, traditional playground activities such as slides and climbers seamlessly fuse with ID Sculpture’s equipment. So too do water play and splash pad equipment, creating compelling hybrid designs.

Furthermore, ID Sculpture is highly experienced with building their rock and boulders directly onto architectural elements such as retaining walls. The company’s proficiency in this area allows their equipment to merge with virtually any landscape regardless of existing structures, creating play opportunity and visual appeal. Additionally, ID Sculpture offers not only rock and boulder-based playgrounds but also other lines of unique playground equipment: they offer a Terracritters line of animal components, a “Woodlands” series of tree and forest-inspired climbers, and much more.

Custom Climbing Boulder Structures

Beyond offering imaginative playgrounds perfect for a large variety of play applications, perhaps the company’s most distinguishing accomplishment is their incredible custom-design capacities. Through many years of experimentation and research, ID Sculpture has created a masterful approach consisting of digital fabrication and hand-crafted sculpting to bring virtually any customer’s custom vision to life. For instance, rocks and boulders can be custom-designed to recreate the look and feel of local landforms, Terracritters animals can be customized to reflect local species and habitats, and so much more.

Furthermore, the company also excels at creating custom themed-playgrounds. ID Sculpture can realistically realize virtually any client’s chosen theme from the Egyptian Pyramids to fantasy landscapes, from woolly mammoths and ancient civilizations to themes of aliens and outer space.

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