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Pacific Play Systems offers a full range of Bleachers, Stadium Seating and Press Boxes. We provide service everywhere in Southern California.
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Stadium Seating & Bleachers Installation

Pacific Play carries a wide variety of stadium seating, bleachers, grandstands, press boxes, tables, benches, etc. This wide range of seating includes easy to move transportable and tip n’ roll bleachers. Transportable bleachers can be rolled out and positioned when extra event seating is needed indoors or outdoors.

Pacific Play offers many different size bleachers from smaller 3 to 4 row assemblies to the larger 10 row transportable bleachers. These larger transportable bleachers come equipped with a heavy duty transport kit, including wheels, integrated hydraulic jack, and tongue assembly.


We are a Full Service Stadium Seating, Bleachers, Grandstands & Press Boxes Installation Company

Pacific Play offers our clients the benefit of our extensive experience with playground equipment design, playground manufacturing, as well as installation. We are a one stop destination and offer our clients with a total solution from design through installation. This eliminates the need for our clients to contract with several entities to get their project completed, saving valuable time and money. We also offer free design and consultation, making it possible for our clients to plan their project through us, all under a single contract.

Permanent Bleachers for Schools

Another option for long term seating are permanent bleachers, usually mounted to a concrete slab for more stabilization. Permanent bleachers are also offered in a variety of row options varying from the smaller 3-5 row bleachers to the large 10 row seating models.

These larger bleachers offer foot planks for more secure footing and handrails to guide persons walking up and down. The permanent bleachers are great for school settings on fields and courts for all types of sports including football, soccer, baseball, etc.

Bleachers Come in a Variety of Colors

Elevated bleachers offer the best seats in the house and allow for a larger viewing audience of the game or event. Elevated bleachers provide a “stadium” feeling with optimum views of the field looking slightly down on the action. With this elevated setup, there is never a bad seat in the house. Elevated bleachers offer a number of features such as aisles with handrails, press boxes, ADA accessible ramps , ADA wheelchair sections, entry stairs and vertical picket guardrails.

Many of these bleacher options offer colored planks so school colors may be easily represented. Most bleacher systems are available in either aluminum or galvanized steel angle frames.

Permanent Grandstand Seating

Pacific Play also offers permanent grandstands in all types of configurations that are for much larger settings with rows designed to seat thousands of people. Some of these grandstands can have 20-30 rows and be anywhere from 200’ to 300’ ft. wide which allow for large audiences.

There are many different options that come along with this type of seating including self rising chairs, fixed chairs, contour seats with backrests, powder coated backrests, radius edge seats, etc. All decking consists of aluminum extrusions that protect from corrosion, have a high strength to weight ratio, standard mill or optional nonslip finish, interlocking deck system design that provides added rigidity, helps in moisture protection and is available with an integrated gutter system.

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