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Pacific Play Systems offers playground equipment design and installation service in Southern California.

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Commercial Playground Equipment Design is Our Specialty

We offer free designs for all parks, church playground equipment, schools, preschools, apartments, homeowner associations, and other commercial entities. At Pacific Play Systems, our designers work hard to come up with the most innovative design for each project. We take price in coming up with the most innovative commercial playground equipment design for each project.

We offer various product lines such as our pioneering Playcraft play structures, destination type playgrounds manufactured by Dynamo Playgrounds, climbing boulders for playgrounds manufactured by ID Sculpture, indoor playground equipment, shade structures, fitness equipment and more. Generally speaking, a typical design project starts out with an initial phone consultation with the customer, followed by a scheduled site visit to discuss the particular needs of the project in further detail. 

commercial play equipment at Margarita Park

Custom Playground Equipment Design for All Spaces

Pacific Play’s knowledgeable staff holds a track record with more than twenty-five years of experience within the commercial playground equipment industry, on top of mastery in construction, manufacturing, and design.

Custom Playground Designs to Fit Your Budget

During the site visit, we document the existing site conditions and create sketches to assist our design department in producing CAD generated drawings for the site. Based on the detailed information gathered during the visit, the allocated budget and the particular needs of the customer, we create a custom design consisting of an overall site plan, overhead plan views of the proposed equipment, site furnishings and accessories. Our designers also provide detailed three-dimensional CAD renderings of each structure, showing various views of the proposed equipment.

In combination with our design proposal, we also provide our customers with a detailed estimate for each project, showing itemized costs of each and every aspect of their entire project. Pacific Play is capable of handling all aspects of each project, including, but not limited to demo, hauling, grading, site preparation, flatworks, furnishing and installation of school playground equipment, resilient surfacing, site furnishings, shade structures, etc. 

Dedicated Playground Design Teams

Our design team is dedicated to assisting our customers with all aspects of their project, starting out by establishing a budget that is realistic so that we are able to accomplish all that is needed, without sacrificing quality or safety. Our staff excels at what they do and works diligently to come up with the very best solution for each and every project, regardless of budget.

Pacific Play Systems puts every effort toward bringing safe and accessible play environments to all children, regardless of age or ability levels. Safety always comes first to our designers and each of our designs invariably adheres to all safety specifications encompassing commercial play equipment design. With a focus on using local products that are manufactured in the USA, we provide our customers with an outstanding level of customer service. 

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