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Pacific Play Systems is a proud distributor of Dynamo Playgrounds commercial playground equipment for all parks, schools, landscape architects, faith-based organizations, apartment and homeowners associations, and other commercial entities.

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About Dynamo Playgrounds

Located in Ontario, Canada, Dynamo Playgrounds is a playground equipment industry leader with decades of experience. Pacific Play is thrilled to offer all of our customers within southern California and beyond Dynamo Net Climbers, Mast Nets, Rotating Climbers, Biggo Swings, Rock and Nature Play equipment, and much more. One of the most exciting aspects of Pacific Play’s Dynamo line is its rope-based net climbers.

Constructed with a minimum of 144 strands of galvanized steel entwined within an attractive nylon casing, Dynamo’s ropes are the strongest and safest offered in the playground industry, connected with molded high-density aluminum to provide many years of hassle-free use. These unique net climbers provide nearly limitless play applications.

Distributor of Dynamo Playground Equipment

At Pacific Play, we are fully committed to bringing the safest, highest quality, cutting-edge commercial playground equipment to each of our clients, and our Dynamo playground equipment is certainly no exception. Give us a call today and let us turn your park, school, apartment complex, or other area, into a one-of-a-kind play destination with Dynamo playground equipment!

Dynamo Playground Net Climbers

Our net climbers can soar several stories high, offering play opportunities for hundreds of children at once. Or, they are also available in smaller designs for younger children to develop their balance and coordination. These net structures can be attached to Dynamo’s nature-inspired Rocks and can be custom designed for any space and creative vision.Pacific Play’s Dynamo Rotating Net Climbers are a further application of Dynamo’s high-quality rope climbers. Attached to a base deck where children can sit or stand, these climbers safely spin 360 degrees around providing climbing, balancing, imaginative, and social play opportunities for up to 35 children at a time.

Dynamo Playground Biggo Swings

Although we all know that children love to climb, it is also no secret that swings may be even more popular among the younger set than climbers. Therefore, Pacific Play is highly enthusiastic about Dynamo’s Biggo Swings. Biggo Swings are attractive swing systems that allow for up to four children to safely swing from a single seat at once. Perhaps a new twist on the old tire swing, Biggo Swings allow children to not only swing together with friends but also swing in virtually any direction, providing 360 degrees of free-flying, magical play experiences. These high-flying swings will have children screaming with excitement and joy, while also helping them to develop their balance, equilibrium, and social interaction skills.

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We can assist you with all of your installation needs, including church playground equipment, net climbers and swings. We have successfully installed playgrounds all over California.

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