NFUSE Play Systems

Pacific Play Systems and Playcraft Systems are proud to announce the next generation of play with its NFUSE Play Systems for all schools, parks, religious organizations, apartment and homeowners associations, and other commercial entities.

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About NFUSE Play Systems

The NFUSE Play System from Playcraft is an entirely new type of play equipment that changes the way playgrounds are designed for future generations. With its innovative blend of rope-based play equipment and modular design, NFUSE lets clients customize their playground to their exact liking. Specifically for the 5-12 year age range, children are guaranteed a unique and lasting experience each time they step foot and climb aboard any of the bays and extensions of the NFUSE modules or structures!

NFUSE - The Next Generation of Play

Pacific Play Systems is committed to installing a fully-customized NFUSE Play System that will ensure to wow children and create memories that will last a lifetime. As the Southern California NFUSE installer, Pacific Play is ready to install NFUSE’s unique play designs for your schools, parks, and HOAs.

NFUSE Core Elements

The NFUSE Modular Play System consists of three core elements to complete an NFUSE Play Structure. The core elements of Hub, Bay, and Frame are configured together to create a customized play area that is tailored to the child’s specific needs, ranging from ages 2-5 to ages 5-12. Not only do the core elements combine with each other, they can connect to extensions such as shade sails and event extensions for an even more varied play environment, along with a more fantastical design.

NFUSE Core Elements


The hub defines the major style and functionality of the NFUSE freestanding structures.


Bays provide a variety of play activities within each structure or module.


Frames support the bay by becoming the bridge between play events.

NFUSE Extensions and Extras

Shade Sail

Shade sails provide a colorful focal point in a shape unseen in the industry today.

Arch Bay

Arch bays expand the bay design for a variety of play elements.

Event Extension

These play expansions provide additional climbing events and activities.

NFUSE Modules and Structures

The NFUSE modular play system allows for the ultimate playground customization experience with its interchangeable bays and components. Free-standing NFUSE Modules can stand alone on the playground or even be attached to other modules creating more play opportunities. Not only do NFUSE’s rope-based modules connect with one another, NFUSE components can also attach to Playcraft’s Round-5 play systems to become Hybrid Structures for the ultimate play experience.

NFUSE Modules

NFUSE Modules take the building blocks of the NFUSE bay and frame core components and are installed on the playground as unique experiences for children to enjoy over and over again. Modules can be freestanding or connected to another module to bring the play experience to the next level.

NFUSE Structures

NFUSE Structures are essentially NFUSE Modules all encircling a central hub. The hub determines the overall play style of the structure. Different types of modules can be attached to the hub allowing for virtually limitless play opportunities.

Hybrid Structures

Hybrid Structures are created by connecting NFUSE bays or modules to Playcraft’s Round-5 modular structures. As a result, the familiarity of Round-5’s traditional decks and posts are essentially fused to the modernity of the NFUSE system – bringing out the best of both worlds.

Compound Structures

A hub is not a necessity for the NFUSE play system. Modules or NFUSE bays can be connected to other freestanding modules. This adaptivity allows for freestanding play events that can be placed anywhere on the playground for cost- and space-efficient play design.

Call Now for Your NFUSE Play System

Pacific Play Systems will assist you with the design and installation of your NFUSE playground. Be sure to contact us for your free consultation. We install all throughout Southern California ranging from Ventura and Los Angeles counties all the way down to the southern border and Tijuana, Mexico.

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