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Pacific Play Systems, Inc. is your one-stop-shop for playground projects. We are playground experts, and we are qualified to renovate your play space from design through installation. We strive to be your agent long beyond project completion, but for the life of your equipment.
We transformed a small tot lot for a homeowners association in Orange County. They had a play structure installed for over 10 years, but it was getting little use. The association was planning on revamping their community areas by redesigning their pool, painting their homes, and replacing their play site.

Old Playground Structure
Windsong's Old Playground Structure

The scope of this project included the following: demolition of existing structure and surfacing, extension of site, new retaining curb, install two new play structures, and resurface site. The new playground design would not fit within the existing footprint, so we removed this bush to extend the site.

Existing site before demolition
Existing site before demolition

Our wonderful subcontractor, American Park Specialties, adhered to the community rules during construction, which included noise, parking, and dumping restrictions. We did our best to have a quick turn-around of this site!

The association purchased $15,000 worth of equipment. This structure accommodates 2-12 year olds, and is complete with a double slide, rock wall, monkey bars, a fire pole, and a seek-and-find activity. A 12’ shade canopy was added to preserve the life of the equipment. They also wanted a ‘hang-out’ spot for their kiddos, and we offered a playhouse that matches their playground! The playhouse has benches and a table within. The new surfacing was a 50/50 blend of black and blue. It not only matches the structure but created a color pop for the whole site,

Windsong Community Association's new Playground Structure

Regardless if your project is big or small, we can accommodate your needs! Contact your local playground consultant, Pacific Play Systems, to transform your play site! 


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