City of San Marcos Summerhill Park – Merging Traditional and Modern

Summerhill Park
Pacfic Play Systems Inc. Drone Photo of Summerhill Park, San Marcos

The Summerhill Park Playground original play equipment was very outdated, so the design had to address a contrast of traditional play qualities. In a very open spaced area, the idea to keep one large structure made sense. Adding a color scheme that felt more timeless and native to the environment was integral for the playground project. Changing the Age Group to the play area allows for more engaging opportunities for children, adding more challenging features, and enhances greater play value to the system of play equipment. It was also an opportunity to integrate Hybrid Revolutionary components to the play structure, adding a more updated scale to play experience, challenging climbers, and function to activity. 

Before Playground Structure
Old Playground Structure
Summerhill Park
Pacfic Play Systems Inc. Drone Photo of Summerhill Park, San Marcos

Difference of what changing the Age Group can make.
The previous play equipment was designed for 2-5 Age Group, in an area that had little play value for children that were older besides the freestanding pull up bars that was adjacent to the play equipment, addressing this issue was important. By changing the play structure become 5-12 Age Group and adding freestanding play structures that accommodated to younger kids, it allowed for a hierarchy of challenging components that would interest a 2-12 Age Group, welcoming more children of different ages to utilize the play area within the community.

Single post Swings

ADA ramp into the swings area.
In addition to ensuring compliance of safety with playground surfacing and updating play equipment to fit a mixed age group, creating accessibility into the area with an ADA ramp into the new swing area was critical in making a difference in access.


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