San Bernardino Playground Project Completed at Ballington Academy

San Bernardino Playground
San Bernardino Playground Project Completed by Pacific Play Systems

San Bernardino Playground Project Completed by Pacific Play Systems

Commercial playground distributor, Pacific Play Systems, has just completed a new San Bernardino Playground project at Ballington Academy. The project included the furnishing and installation of three new Playcraft playgrounds and numerous freestanding playground components. Additionally, Pacific Play also furnished and installed new rubberized surfacing under each new play structure, installed various site amenities and completed extensive site work for the project.

Ballington’s new San Bernardino playground includes one structure designed just for toddlers, one for children ages 2-5 and one for the older children ages 5-12. The toddlers’ playground was designed with an inviting blue, green and yellow color scheme and a variety of stimulating activities. For example, the play event includes a Crawl Tube, Shape Panel, Alphabet Panel, two small slides and multiple talk tubes which allow children to communicate back and forth to each other from different parts of the playground. The school’s second playground for 2-5 year olds features a variety of popular Playcraft components all connected to a central hex deck. Some of these favorite activities include a Spiral Slide, Poly Double Slide, Bedrock Climber, Deluxe Grip Climber, Disc Climber and Tic-Tac-Toe Panel. The 2-5 playground also features a large shade canopy providing extensive sun and heat protection.

For the third San Bernardino playground area, Pacific Play created a custom design that would engage and challenge older children ages 5-12. This playground includes three large challenging climbers each reaching up to a six-foot-high hex deck. The climbers featured in this layout are the Bedrock Climber, Stacked Loop Climber and Disc Climber. Additionally, connected to this same deck are two of Playcraft’s most popular and exciting slides…the six-foot-high Spiral Slide and the six-foot-high Dual Express Slide! Ballington’s new 5-12 playground is also widely shaded with two large shade canopies.

In addition to the play structures, Pacific Play also provided various freestanding Playcraft components and site amenities and completed a variety of site work. Some of these components included a Triple Sand and Water Table for plenty of hands-on castle-building fun, a Paint Station for creative and imaginative play, numerous activity panels and more! Ballington’s new site amenities included two new picnic tables, a new concrete seat wall extending fifty linear feet and 430 SF of new compacted gravel walkway. Finally, the site work completed for the project included the construction of a small bridge for easier building access and extensive removal and hauling of dirt and grass within the play areas to prepare for the new rubberized surfacing. With the multi-faceted playground project at Ballington Academy just completed, the San Bernardino based school will now open its new doors and welcome all of its students with enticing new playground equipment, surfacing, and site amenities!



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