San Diego Commercial Play Renovation Revitalizes HOA’s Play Area

San Diego HOA playground equipment
New Playcraft Playground at Windemere

Pacific Play Systems Completes Local San Diego Playground Project at Windemere HOA in La Jolla

A newly completed San Diego commercial playground project has substantially increased the play opportunities for one HOA community! The project took place at Windemere HOA in the La Jolla area of San Diego. Windemere partnered with the playground experts at Pacific Play Systems, a leader in the San Diego commercial playground industry located just a few miles north of Windemere in Carlsbad. To replace Windemere’s aging play system and revitalize its play space, Pacific Play created a striking design utilizing the Playcraft Systems line of equipment. But the project entailed more than just supplying a new playground. At Windemere, Pacific Play also completed a major site expansion, key demolition work, and provided new site furnishings and safety surfacing.

When Pacific Play proposed a Playcraft design that was substantially larger than Windemere’s existing playground, physically expanding the play area became essential. This required the removal and hauling of large amounts of dirt, grass, and concrete curbing, as well as extensive site grading, so that a twelve-inch depth of new safety surfacing could be applied over the entire play area. Overall, Pacific Play expanded Windemere’s play area by over a thousand square feet! And this created the space for a much larger playground.

The brand new Playcraft playground at Windemere includes a large Twister Slide, a Poly Double Slide, a challenging five-feet-tall Inclined Grip Wall, a three-hundred-and-sixty-degree Overhead Ladder, an overhead Track Ride, and so much more! Apart from just getting larger, the new playground at Windemere also added significantly more challenge. This change will be welcomed by the many older children in the community. Additionally, two ten-foot square Shade Canopies installed above the playground will provide ample sun and heat protection adding to the playground’s functionality. Furthermore, Pacific Play also installed two bays of Playcraft Swings to Windemere’s attractive grounds.

Pacific Play was responsible for the demo and hauling of the association’s existing playground, swings, and rubber bark surfacing. Once the existing surfacing was removed, and after the new playground was installed, Pacific Play then installed new engineered wood fibers safety surfacing. The wood fibers were installed along with new concrete curbing designed to retain any wood fibers spilling outside the playground. Other aspects of work completed by Pacific Play included the furnishing and installation of a new Shade Umbrella, Playcraft Bench, concrete ADA access ramp, and concrete sidewalk to connect an existing sidewalk to the playground.

With Windemere’s San Diego commercial playground project now complete, its playground now offers an exciting play experience that will keep children moving and playing for many years…and just in time for the summer!


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