LA Rams Complete 9th Annual School Playground Build

LA Rams celebrate completion of playground
Rams Complete 9th Annual Playground Build

Los Angeles Rams Install a Brand-New Playcraft Playground and Mural at Figueroa Street Elementary

Pacific Play Systems, Inc. and the Los Angeles Rams teamed up for their 9th Annual School Playground Build on June 16th, 2017.  This is the second year Pacific Play Systems designed and provided the Playcraft Systems equipment to make this playground build project possible. The LA Rams are known for their strong commitment of service to the community and giving back to the local community through projects like the school playground build. Figueroa Street Elementary School was this year’s recipient for the playground build project. This school is located in South Los Angeles and is part of the Los Angeles School District. Prior to the generous donation from the LA Rams, the school did not have a playground for the kids to play on. The school and district did not have the funds or resources to provide a playground for their kids.

LA Rams install the school playground
Playground Installation in Progress at Figueroa Street Elementary

The LA Rams’ rookies, cheerleaders, and staff all came together under the instruction and supervision of Pacific Play Systems’ certified installers American Park Specialties and Perpetual Parks and Playgrounds to build a playground for Figueroa Street Elementary School. Everyone arrived early in the morning and worked through the scorching heat to successfully complete the playground by sundown. The volunteers’ efforts were valiant and much appreciated by the community, school staff, and the Los Angeles school district. Families from the community and school came out and watched their school transform. You could see the kids smiling from ear to ear, seeing a beautiful new playground being built in their very own school with eager anticipation to break the playground in.

Installing the Popular Playcraft Double Slide

Thanks to everyone’s efforts, kids for generations to come will have somewhere safe to play and be able to take pride in their school. Molly Higgins, the Ram’s VP of Community Affairs and Engagement, once said, “I think the most profound moments are when we can step back and say ‘Wow, we really impacted a life today. That’s how I define success.” Higgins is completely right and through this project, we successfully impacted many lives within the community. Not only did the kids get to meet their favorite football players, but they also got to see them in action building a school playground and doing good for their community. This is just one example of how playgrounds bring communities together and impact the children in such a positive and memorable way.

Figueroa Elementary’s New Playcraft Playground

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