Scripps Highland HOA Playground Strengthens Community Ties

Scripps Highland HOA playground equipment
New Play Structure at Scripps Highland HOA

Pacific Play Creates HOA Neighborhood Destination with Playground Equipment Improvement Project

Pacific Play Systems worked with Scripps Highland HOA on their San Diego playground equipment project to make the perfect community park. This neighborhood pocket park received a stellar playground renovation. The San Diego based company designed a Playcraft Systems’ Revolution Playground which is a new take on the traditional playground with a modern sleek look. The playground colors complement the community and follow an aesthetically pleasing nature theme. The green, tan, and brown colors give it a pleasant look that blends seamlessly with the greenery surrounding the area. This playground was designed as a hybrid of traditional and timeless elements including a classic swing set, slides, and a spring rider along with new innovative Revolution components featuring a Matrix Rope Net Wall, Twist Net Climber, Tri-Ring Hub, Tri-Step Reverse, and assorted Climbing Walls. These components are fun, challenging, and thrilling for the children!

Scripps Highland’s Attractive Play Space

The Revolution components are innovative and incorporate more challenging play as they help with gross motor skills as well as develop cognitive skills such as decision making. With challenging nontraditional components like the tri-ring hub, children decide how to maneuver the component or assess how other children successfully played on the equipment. This type of equipment also increases the amount of time played on the actual equipment and encourages kids to play on the equipment again. A successful San Diego playground makes children and families want to return time and time again!

Closeup of Revolution Components

On average, children’s attention span for traditional playgrounds ranges from about 5-10 minutes and with new innovative playgrounds such as Playcraft’s Revolution series, the attention span for children greatly increases. Not only does this increase playtime and family time at the park, but the community as a whole benefits as it gives neighbors the opportunity to form friendships and create strong community ties thus creating a sense of community belonging. Parks and playgrounds are also beneficial to a community because crime rates are lowered as children are offered a healthy alternative of fun and exercise!

HOA playground equipment swings
Playcraft Swings at Scripps Highland HOA

In a research study in Texas, researchers discovered that having a park or recreation center nearby to where children live had a positive effect on their behavior. Giving children a place to safely play in the long run benefits all the residents of the community by giving kids a chance to stay on the right path, helping communities ban together and create value for the community. This all stems from a safe place to play. A successful neighborhood park has the capability to retain families and children to keep coming back to the park. Here, at Pacific Play, play value is important to us on each of our San Diego playground projects. We believe that this beautiful neighborhood park with its playground equipment at Scripps Highland HOA will provide children and families a fun and engaging place to play for years to come!


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