San Marcos HOA Playground Equipment Project Completed by Pacific Play Systems, Inc.

San Marcos HOA Playground
San Marcos HOA Playground Equipment at Vineyard HOA

San Marcos HOA Playground Equipment at Vineyard HOA

Pacific Play Systems has just completed its San Marcos HOA playground equipment renovation project at the Vineyard HOA in San Marcos, CA. Located only minutes away from Vineyard HOA, Carlsbad-based Pacific Play was thrilled to partner with the local HOA to reinvent their existing play area. Owning an older, predominantly wooden playground, Vineyard HOA decided it was time to update its play space with a new, state-of-the-art, Playcraft commercial playground. The successful Vineyard HOA project included the furnishing and installation of a new Playcraft commercial playground, new engineered wood fibers safety surfacing, and new playground border timbers.

Working closely with Vineyard HOA, Pacific Play was able to create a custom playground design that would provide the highest level of play value. Designed for children ages two to twelve, the Playcraft playground features a bright and attractive primary color scheme of blue, red and yellow, plus the addition of brown decks. The playground also contains a variety of exciting playground activities to keep the children coming back again and again. For example, the playground contains three slides including a Poly Double Slide, Quarter Turn Slide, and Twister Slide. The Playcraft structure also features a challenging Bedrock Climber and a Spiral Climber, an Open Store Panel providing imaginative play opportunities, and multiple Playseats where children can rest and socialize. Another great addition to neighborhood play area is the inclusion of a large ten-foot by ten-foot square shade canopy providing ample sun and heat protection on hot days.

Pacific Play also furnished and installed new engineered wood fibers safety surfacing at the site in addition to the new Playcraft commercial playground. Approximately fifty cubic yards of these new wood fibers were added to the site covering the playground’s entire use zone. To retain the surfacing material Pacific Play used Borderscape Border Timbers. These Border Timbers not only retain the wood fibers but also create a durable and visually striking border spanning the play area’s entire circumference and defining the play space. With its shiny new Playcraft playground, the freshly completed San Marcos playground equipment renovation project at Vineyard HOA has brought exciting new life to its play area, providing endless fun and safe activity for the children in the neighborhood for years to come!


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