Riverside Church School Playground Project Completed at Harvest Christian School

Riverside Church School Playground
Riverside Church School Playground Renovation Completed at Harvest Christian School with New Commercial Playground Equipment and Safety Surfacing

Riverside Church School Playground Renovation Completed at Harvest Christian School with New Commercial Playground Equipment and Safety Surfacing

Pacific Play Systems has just completed Riverside church school playground renovation project for Harvest Christian School. The school has recently completed upgrades to its facilities by installing a new Playcraft playground and new rubberized safety surfacing. The school, located in Riverside County, CA, teamed up with local San Diego County based playground distributor, Pacific Play Systems, to undertake the project. Harvest Christian already had one existing playground still in good condition, but sought to create additional play, exercise, and socialization opportunities by adding an additional play space. The playground renovation project at Harvest Christian included the installation of a new Playcraft commercial playground and new poured-in-place rubberized safety surfacing.

This latest Riverside church school playground project was custom designed by Pacific Play’s designers after carefully considering the school’s vision for the project. Since Harvest Christian’s existing play structure contained a more traditional design, the school decided that Playcraft’s distinctive Revolution line would offer an alternative and engaging addition to the school’s play environment. Playcraft’s Revolution line is well-known in the playground industry for its unique play opportunities, its emphasis on physically challenging play, and its sleek modern appearance. And Harvest Christian’s new playground is now certainly everything the Revolution line is recognized for, especially in terms of challenge. Although just medium-sized, the playground contains an absolute abundance of tough climbing components. And furthermore, many of these climbers are large components that allow several children to experience the event all at the same time. Some of these Revolution climbers include a Tri-Ring Hub, Cube Rope Net Hub, Arch Loop Traverse, Freeform Climber, Arched Lunar Climber, Slither Climber, and more! Additionally, the playground also features the popular Tri-Pad Jungle Traverse, a component consisting of multiple balancing pads to be traversed across one step at a time.

In addition to its new commercial playground, the Harvest Christian project also included new poured-in-place rubberized safety surfacing throughout the new play space. Pacific Play furnished and installed over one thousand square feet of rubber surfacing at the school, artistically laid out in a simple but elegant curved multi-color design. Now complete, Pacific Play’s Harvest Christian project has brought a whole world of new and challenging play opportunities to the school’s children!



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