Carlsbad Playground Project Completed at the Grand Pacific Resort.

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Custom Carlsbad Playground, Designed by Pacific Play for the Grand Pacific Resort. Age-group for the structure is 5-12.

The Grand Pacific Resort Has Opened Its New Carlsbad Playground Project.

The Grand Pacific resort is currently undergoing an expansion that will provide more rooms along with extended amenities to their guests. As part of their expansion plan, a recently completed playground design was commissioned out to Pacific Play Systems in order to attract the younger crowds. The playground, which was designed to match the existing color scheme of the surrounding resort, sits adjacent the pool area overlooking Legoland just below. The structure is designed to accommodate children ages 5-12, providing a variety of challenges and activities.

The design includes a total of six slides, which is a bit more than your average playground structure. There is a Spiral Slide which has always been and continues to be a staple of playground design. There is a Triple Twister Slide that offers three distinct paths. And for the children that are more daring and like to challenge one another, the Dual Express Slide offers an opportunity to race to the bottom and experience some speed! In addition to the slides, a variety of climbers were included that allow for various types of access to the structure. A Snake Climber sits on a lower deck in order to cater to the younger children, while a Spiral Step Climber and a Vertical Wall Climber offer more challenging forms of play. A total of five panels appear throughout on both the upper level and ground level. A Driver Panel, a Tic-Tac-Toe Panel, and a Store Panel are only some of these.

In San Diego, where we have fairly warm climate year round, providing adequate shade for children is important. This design accomplishes this task by incorporating two twelve-foot shade canopies that cover a majority of the structure. Furthermore, some of the play components such as panels, can be found on the ground level where the structure itself offers yet another level of protection from the sun.

Since this playground is intended for members of the public who happen to be staying at the resort, ADA compliance is both important and required in order to make the site accessible for people with disabilities. Thus, the design of the playground was closely analyzed to ensure that certain measures were taken to this end. The structure itself houses a variety of ground-level components that cater to children who may have difficulties climbing the structure. Overall, the playground proves an exciting addition to the resort that provides extended amenities to its guests, extended value to the resort, and tons of fun for the children!


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