Los Angeles Playground Equipment Installation Completed at Orthodox Jewish School


Los Angeles Playground Equipment Project Has Been Recently Completed at LA Orthodox Jewish School by Pacific Play Systems, Inc.

The National Society of Hebrew Day Schools has recently opened the doors to its newest addition – Yeshiva Rav Isacsohn Torath Emeth Academy located in the city of Los Angeles. The school is a physical tribute to the bright and colorful future that its young students will one day have, boasting a spectrum of colors that are undeniably eye-catching and inspiring. Equally as attractive and stimulating is the playground that accompanies the school for the enjoyment of its students. Pacific Play Systems, who was awarded the contract for the design and construction of the playground equipment, could not be happier with the end result, a feeling that is mutually shared by the school’s faculty and students. The design of the playground was aimed to create a bold statement and rightfully so, it manages to accomplish this in quite a definitive manner. Everything from the textures to the colors to the level of challenge, work together to make this a truly engaging experience.

This Los Angeles playground equipment project is appropriately designed to present different levels of challenge for children of ages 5-12. It includes a main structure and a variety of bright and colorful free-standing playground components that offer different types of play opportunities. The main structure incorporates four slides, all of which vary in height and form. A total of seven different climbers offer a variety of access points while inviting children to be creative and to challenge their physical skills in a safe manner. A Tri-Ring Hub offers a mini-station in itself serving as a focal point where some of the climbers meet, creating a series of connections for children to discover and explore. A series of play panels offer a different yet exciting form of play in which children can exercise their brainpower and challenge each other to popular games, such as Tic-Tac-Toe.

Free-Standing Playcraft Play Components Installed Over PIP Rubberized Surfacing, Furnished & Installed by Pacific Play Systems at Los Angeles School

Adjacent to the main structure are a series of free-standing components that extend the play value of the yard. A seesaw that holds up to four children offers an opportunity for interaction and joint play, in addition to a couple of individual spring riders. For those children who are more inclined to sports and improving their athletic abilities, a Triple Hoop offers a chance to exercise hand-eye coordination as well as ball-throwing skills.

In the city of Los Angeles where temperatures are known to rise during the summer months, providing adequate shade is desirable for children’s play areas. Therefore a number of shade sails were used throughout the play area. The main structure itself has two multi-sail canopies that provide sun protection for its users. A large portion of the playground also has a number of triangular shade sails that offer a substantial amount of shading over the free-standing play components. Overall, the playground remains a pleasant area for children to enjoy year-round.

Equally as important as the play value, are the safety and accessibility measures that are considered in the design of a playground. Here at Yeshiva Academy, the playground safety surfacing is a bright and colorful PIP rubberized surface that provides all the necessary cushioning for safe play. This rubberized surfacing not only provides a safe surface for the children to play on but also ADA accessibility, providing an inclusive layout for all users. Furthermore, the rubberized surfacing allows for yet another layer of design and creativity to be integrated into the overall design by using a variety of colors, patterns, and shapes.

With projects like this, Pacific Play Systems, a Carlsbad based commercial playground equipment supplier, makes the playground industry an exciting one while continuously enhancing playtime for children of all ages and physical abilities.


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