Poway Playground Equipment Project Completed for Design 39 Campus

Poway USD-4
5-12 Playground at Design Campus 39 at Poway USD

State of the Art Poway Playground Equipment Project was Recently Completed at the Newest Poway USD K-8 School

The Poway Unified School District has opened its newest state of the art K-8 school, called Design 39 Campus, the first public school of its kind.  At first glance, the campus looks like a college or a university but it is Poway USD’s first K-8 school and it is specifically intended to help students find their passions.  Pacific Play was awarded the project to furnish and install six playground areas throughout the impressive large campus. As one of the most prestigious commercial playground companies in southern California, Pacific Play Systems is proud to have completed this playground project at the new Poway campus.

The various play areas at Design 39 Campus have been designed for a variety of age groups. Starting with the pre-school area, Pacific Play came up with an age appropriate design for the 2-5 age group for the younger children. This design features multiple slides and components that provide fun and safe activities. The playground at the Kindergarten area consists of a larger and slightly more challenging structure that incorporates several slides and more challenging components such as the spiral step climber, inclined crawl tube and more.

The next four areas have been specifically designed for the older children in the range of the 5-12 age group. The first area is a fitness area that allows children to get plenty of exercise using a number of challenging fitness stations. Some of the equipment at this location include a straight balance beam, parallel bars, body curl bench, horizontal ladder and more. Moving on to the next two areas, Terraced Areas I & II are also focused on fitness and the equipment in these two areas include free standing climbers and obstacle courses. Both terraced areas have a start and finish point where one can make his or her way through various climbing components, ideal for improving fitness and physical conditioning. Both areas offer multiple climbing components such as a matrix rope net wall, lunar climber, freeform climber, chain tight rope, erector rock wall, warp rung wall and more. All of these items are designed to provide the right level of challenge for the children in the 5-12 age group, while providing a great deal of fun and fitness.

The last play area for this Poway playground equipment project consists of a massive 5-12 structure which covers an approximately 62’ x 43’ use zone. This action packed playground was designed to accommodate a large number of children with its many activities such as slides, climbers, panels, etc. The custom structure for this play area boasts a total of five large slides, seven challenging climbers, overhead ladders, panels and more. The tallest platform at this play area is 84” high with multiple slides coming off of it providing the ultimate play experience for children. The climbers and overhead components selected for this play structure were designed to build children’s upper body strength and keep the playground challenging, with events such as the 90 degree loop traverse, centipede climber, stacked loop climber, arch twist climber and much, much more. This exciting play area has turned out to become a destination for the older children during their lunch break as they all compete to be the first one down its many fun slides!

Located in Carlsbad, Ca and serving all of southern California, Pacific Play Systems specializes in the design and installation of commercial playground equipment intended for parks, schools, and multi-purpose community areas.  Currently, the company is in the process of building playgrounds in San Diego, Los Angeles, Riverside, and Orange County and they may be reached at 760-599-7355 or online via their web site.



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