Pacific Play Systems, Inc. Completes Installation of Dynamo Climbing Net Structure at De Luz Family Housing Community Center

Dynamo climbing net structure
Multi-Faceted Commercial Playground Project, including a Dynamo Climbing Net Structure Completed
at De Luz Family Housing Community Center in Oceanside, CA by Pacific Play Systems, Inc.

Multi-Faceted Commercial Playground Project, including a Dynamo Climbing Net Structure Completed at De Luz Family Housing Community Center in Oceanside, CA by Pacific Play Systems, Inc.

Southern California-based commercial playground company, Pacific Play Systems, Inc. has just completed installation of a Dynamo climbing net structure as well as Playcraft spinners, etc. at De Luz Family Hosing Community Center, located at Marine Corps Base, Camp Pendleton, CA. De Luz, a military housing community for service members and their families at the Marine Corps Base at Camp Pendleton, has partnered with local Pacific Play on numerous playground projects in the past. For this latest project, the Carlsbad company has furnished and installed a variety of new playground equipment and related products at one of De Luz’s existing play areas. Included in this project’s line-up of innovative equipment such as a Dynamo climbing net structure, Dynamo Apollo spinner, site amenities, safety surfacing, a Playcraft Spin Max Pod, and a Dynamo Biggo Swing. Additionally, the new De Luz project also required a variety of site work also completed by Pacific Play.

The new Dynamo structures at De Luz involve two of Dynamo Playgrounds’ most popular and requested items…their Mast Net Climber and their Apollo Spinner. The Mast Net Climber is a large pyramid-shaped rope climber constructed out of a revolutionary nylon coated cable braid design, with each single rope encasing 144 strands of galvanized steel!  Measuring approximately 33’ x 33’ and reaching close to 20’ high in the sky, this masterfully engineered net design accommodates children ages 5-12 and contains an abundance of play value as it offers unique and challenging climbing opportunities for up to 62 children at once! De Luz’s new Apollo Spinner, similar to the Mast Net Climber, also features a pyramid-shaped net climber, but in addition, offers 360 degree spinning action, in safely whirling circles and contains a bottom deck floor where children can also stand or sit. In many ways the Apollo Spinner is a modern 21st century merry-go-round—but with substantially more play value! With an approximately 11’ diameter and reaching approximately 13’ high, the Apollo Spinner supports up to 35 children playing at once.

In addition to the Dynamo net climbing structure, two other standout playground activities included in the De Luz project are a Spin Max Pod and a Dynamo Biggo Swing. The Spin Max Pod is a freestanding pod-shaped component that not only spins in 360 degree circles but also offers a great place for children to socialize or to rest from the busy playground events. De Luz’s new Biggo Swing is definitely becoming many children’s new favorite swing as it offers a collaborative swinging experience for up to four children at a time.

Additional aspects of the De Luz project military housing project included the furnishing and installation of various new site amenities including a new trash receptacle, age-appropriate signage and approximately 220 cubic yards of engineered wood fibers. Finally, the site work completed by Pacific Play at De Luz included the demolition and hauling of the site’s existing playground and the relocation of numerous existing play components. This newest successful project completed by Pacific Play at De Luz has brought a variety of innovative and value-packed commercial playground equipment to the Oceanside service members’ community once again!


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