San Elijo Park in San Marcos gets Custom-Designed Playground Equipment by Pacific Play Systems

2-5 Playcraft Custom Structure for San Elijo Playground
2-5 Playcraft Custom Structure

Pacific Play Systems is proud to announce the completion of new, custom-designed playground equipment for the San Elijo Park, located in San Marcos, CA.

The Playcraft equipment provided for San Elijo Park, manufactured by Krauss Craft, Inc. and distributed by Pacific Play Systems, Inc., brings the brand-new San Elijo playground to life. The scope of this project included replacing the park’s tired and well-used upper play equipment with two new structures, a bucket spinner, and a large, custom-made sandbox. One of the new structures is designed for ages 2-5 and the other for ages 5-12. Both structures are designed in a Tree-house Theme. Pacific Play’s design team specializes in providing themed designs for various natural settings.

For this project, the City of San Marcos considered proposals from several vendors and decided on Pacific Play due to their excellent portfolio of quality projects and also because they are locally owned and their USA made Playcraft equipment is manufactured on the west coast. Buying local contributes to the local economy and saves customers time and money by reducing their freight cost and also minimizing their lead time for replacement parts. The majority of the American playground manufacturers are located in the eastern half of the country.

Colored in a natural palette (brown, green, and tan) the new equipment features climbing components shaped like tree stumps, towers as ranger stations, and interactive panels to spark every last inch of children’s imaginations. Beautiful green fabric canopies shade the majority of the activities. The existing large octagon-shaped canopy which was installed a few years ago was salvaged and towers over the 5-12 structure, keeping children safe from the sun while they jump, swing, climb and slide.

Custom Sandbox With Seat Wall

The larger play structure, designed for 5-12-year-olds, exhibits traditional, themed and Revolution components. Revolution components are an innovative addition to the company’s catalog. They are modeled after the wildly successful play equipment in Western Europe, designed to encourage climbing and to promote physical fitness. The blending of these three types of components creates a playground unlike any other in San Diego County. For this project, the ground is covered in a thick layer of engineered wood fibers which is a proven safe and economical source for playground safety surfacing. Engineered wood fibers provide an excellent cushion against accidental falls and blend in well with the natural surroundings of the park.

It’s not very often that Pacific Play gets a chance to design a custom sandbox. This project was the perfect opportunity to increase parent-child interaction. The sandbox is elevated and is supported by a thick concrete wall that is built at seat height. Parents can sit on the low wall, observe their children at play, interact with them or just enjoy the chance for a rest. This interactive sandbox is capped by another green canopy, offering much-needed protection from the sun, while children are at play.


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