Pacific Play Systems, Inc. Unveils New Natural Playground Equipment Project in Escondido, CA

Natural Playground Equipment Project Completed by Pacific Play Systems, Inc. in Escondido, CA
Multi-Faceted Natural Playground Equipment Project Completed by Pacific Play Systems and Now Open at Eureka Springs HOA

Multi-Faceted Natural Playground Equipment Project Completed by Pacific Play Systems and Now Open at Eureka Springs HOA

Designed and built by Pacific Play Systems, the new natural playground equipment project at Eureka Springs HOA was unveiled to the community this past weekend at the grand opening in Escondido, California. The Eureka Springs project included the furnishing and installation of a new, custom-designed Playcraft play system designed for children in the 5-12 age-group. The large and attractive forest-colored brown, tan, and green playground contains a variety of nature and forest-themed play components. These include several Limb Conifer Climbers (freestanding “trees” with limbs for climbing), two ground-level Tree House Ranger Station Panels, a freestanding “Forest Service” truck, a Tree House Bench and more. The play system also includes three different six foot tall slides plus an abundance of challenging climbing components including a Playcraft Revolution Warp Rung Wall Climber, Freeform Climber, Tri-Ring Hub and Arch Loop Traverse, among others. Popular components such as a Track Ride and a Gyro-Capsule Spinner further add to the highly value-packed play system at Eureka Springs HOA.

In addition to the play system, Pacific Play also furnished and installed a variety of freestanding play components for Eureka Springs. These included a four-seat Spring Seesaw, a two-seat Dinosaur-themed Spring Rider, a two-seat Rescue-themed Spring Rider, a large multi-spring Forest Service-themed Truck, a Bucket Spinner and multiple balance beams. Three bays of Single Post Swings were also included in the project, and the playground received new engineered wood fibers safety surfacing, a great choice in keeping with the natural playground theme.

Extensive site furnishings were an additional aspect to Pacific Play’s Eureka Springs’ natural playground equipment project. Pacific Play furnished and installed a new Pedestal Picnic Table, multiple natural rock boulders, two Age Appropriate Signs, wooden logs, decorative curbing, and an eighty foot long seat wall. For the hot summer months, the children at Eureka Springs will be happy to have a new free-standing Shade Sail system providing shade over the entire play system, as well as a free-standing Cantilever Shade Umbrella providing even more shade over the picnic table. Pacific Play also created three new ADA accessible sidewalks around the play area to provide full ADA access throughout the play area.

Finally, the site work at Eureka Springs included removal of sod throughout the site, grading, and the creation of grassy berms around one side of the site to create an attractive barrier between the existing homes and the new playground. The new natural playground at Eureka Springs has proven to be a welcome addition for the community and is being enjoyed by children of all ages.



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