Play Equipment Installations: San Diego, Oceanside, Los Angeles

San Diego Playground Equipment Company Completes Oceanside, San Diego, 29 Palms, Los Angeles Play Equipment Installations.

USMCB Camp Pendleton Playground

Serving the greater Southern California commercial playground equipment market, Pacific Play Systems, Inc. recently completed several play equipment installations in Oceanside, San Diego, 29 Palms and Los Angeles, CA. The project in Oceanside included removal of the old playground equipment at the Stuart Mesa Housing Complex within Camp Pendleton and its replacement with a new cutting-edge Playcraft play system. The new equipment consists of a 5-12 composite play structure, including a 30′ high playground tower with two 13′ high tubular slides, several climbers, overhead ladders, spinners, activity panels, etc. To create additional challenge for the older children, Pacific Play Systems also provided a free-standing Neutron Spinner allowing several children to swing from its 7′ high circular rotating disc.

The Stuart Mesa playground facility is also equipped with a 2-5 age-group playground, consisting of several slides, a clatter bridge, a number of play panels, a six position arch swing set and a tire swing structure. Upon completion of the installation, engineered wood fibers were blown in to provide a safe playground surface underneath the equipment. Aside from being economical, easy to maintain and readily available, when compacted properly, engineered wood fibers satisfy all ADA accessibility requirements.

Other recent projects completed at Camp Pendleton include the installation of a fitness trail course at San Luis Rey housing, consisting of overhead ladders, vertical ladders, chin-up bars, pull-up bars, balance beams, step-up stations, body curl bench, etc. This equipment was installed over engineered wood fibers as well, in order to protect children and adults from accidental falls. Pacific Play Systems designs its fitness trail equipment based on the level of physical challenge desired, while still maintaining a high degree of play value and age-appropriateness throughout its projects in order to entice children’s participation in a safe and challenging play environment.

Wanting to do more to encourage adult participation in the fitness and play environment, in 2011, the company introduced its Exercraft line of fitness equipment, manufactured by Kraus Craft, Inc., designed mostly for adults, but also suitable for children 13 and over with adult supervision. This equipment can be used for either indoor or outdoor applications and can be installed over hard surfaces such as asphalt or concrete. Generally speaking, a typical Exercraft fitness tower is capable of having a maximum of three fitness components attached to it.

Recent studies have shown that age-appropriate playground equipment as well as fitness equipment can go a long way in improving physical fitness, while having a soothing effect, replacing nervous energy and improving the general health and morale of children and adults. By adding one or two Exercraft fitness towers in close proximity of each playground site, Pacific Play Systems is hoping to create more opportunity for adults to get some much needed exercise, while supervising their children at play.

Earlier this year, the company installed a number of Exercraft fitness towers as well as traditional playground equipment and synthetic rubberized surfacing at Marine Corps Air Ground Combat Center, MCAGCC 29 Palms. Additionally, Pacific Play is currently designing a new playground facility to replace outdated equipment at Los Angeles Air Force Base as well as other military installations in San Diego and Los Angeles.


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