Play Equipment Selection: Powdercoated Steel Play Structures vs Wooden Structures

Powdercoated Steel Play Structures Look Attractive, Offer Superior Performance, Longevity and Require Less Maintenance Down the Road.


Playcraft Custom 5″ OD Powdercoated Steel Composite Play Structure, Installed at Marine Corps Community Services in San Diego, CA

Wooden structures used to be popular years ago due to their low initial cost, but their disadvantages have become quite clear over recent years. As a result, today there are very few manufacturers making wooden equipment intended for commercial use. Instead, wooden structures are mostly used for residential applications where there is less use, and durability and longevity are not all that critical. Generally speaking, most wooden structures are manufactured out of either pressure-treated lumber or redwood. Pressure-treated structures have had some environmental issues in recent years.

Redwood structures can be either painted or stained to give them a finished look. Either way, wood exposed to moisture will eventually rot, leading to a potential structural failure. Other common issues with wooden structures include the need for constant maintenance due to painting, splitting, cracking, warping, splinters, and wear and tear. So, even though wooden structures may have a lower initial cost, over time they will cost more than powdercoated steel structures due to the constant maintenance required. Recycled plastic structures offer some advantages over wooden systems in which they do not require as much maintenance, but depending on the grade of plastic lumber used, recycled plastic parts can be more flexible, limiting their span and requiring more care during the installation in order to avoid undesirable affects such as bending and warping.

Powdercoated steel structures, on the other hand, have proven to be very reliable and long-lasting, when purchased from a reputable and high-quality manufacturer such as Playcraft Systems. Playcraft structures come standard with an exceptional warranty and offer many choices of color for various parts and components such as posts, decks, slides, rooftops, climbers, metal parts, and accessories. Powdercoated steel structures offer superior performance over competitive products due to their proven track record with extreme durability and increased longevity, making them ideal for installation in high traffic areas such as city parks, public schools, and apartment buildings.

What makes Playcraft Systems superior is their attention to detail, such as their 11 mil double coated powdercoating process, their state-of-the-art King-Clamp™ system, superior UV protection for all rotationally molded plastics, vandal-resistant stainless steel hardware, heavy-duty, slip-resistant Play-Tuff™ decks, precision die-cast aluminum parts, etc. Additionally, all Playcraft steel components are precision welded using both manual as well as robotic welders. Extra care is taken to manually inspect and clean all welded parts before being sandblasted. Next, the welded metal components are phosphate washed in multi-stage baths in order to have a clean surface that is ready for their state-of-the-art 11 mil powdercoating system.

Playcraft Systems is exclusively represented by Pacific Play Systems, Inc. in southern California. At Pacific Play Systems, we offer a great deal of value to our customers due to our competitive prices, superior quality products, high-quality custom designs and lower freight costs due to having our equipment manufactured on the west coast. Located in Grants Pass, Oregon, the Playcraft factory is one of the most modern playground manufacturing facilities worldwide. Playcraft fabricates virtually all of its parts and components in-house, allowing them to have full control over their cost and quality.


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