Co-Op Playground Purchasing Programs, TCPN, GSA, HGAC Buy

Pacific Play Systems makes purchasing commercial grade playground equipment easier and more efficient through various co-op purchasing programs such as TCPN, GSA, and HGAC Buy.

TCPN, the Cooperative Purchasing Network,  is a national governmental purchasing program that allows entities to get pre-negotiated pricing on competitive bids, making purchasing goods more cost efficient and simple. TCPN contracts can benefit many different organizations including public and private schools, colleges and universities, cities, counties, non-profits, and all governmental entities. TCPN contracts ensure that organizations can purchase playground equipment while getting the best value for every dollar spent. When public entities make use of a TCPN contract to purchase goods they can realize large cost savings while the contract provides the legally required competition for contracts as required by law. This type of contract awards vendors based on quality, proven performance, customer satisfaction, and pricing.

GSA contracts are similar to TCPN because its main objective is to offer the best value in goods to all government entities. GSA contracts provide federal purchasers the most cost-effective high quality products and services from commercial vendors. HGAC BUY is yet another cooperative buying program that allows for the purchasing of goods and services to be easier with competitively priced contracts and customer service to help its members achieve their goals.

The purchasing process for any of these contracts is as simple as filling out a form to start, obtaining specific product details of the goods of interest on any of the three websites, and then contacting the contractor’s nearest representative for any assistance needed, along with a price quotation. As these purchasing programs such as TCPN, GSA and HGAC BUY have already undertaken the enormous and often tedious bidding process for the customer, this saves customers both time and money, while providing a simple, fast, and effective way to save the most money and get the best value on any playground project. Please contact Pacific Play Systems at 760-599-7355 for more information.


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