San Diego Playground Distributor, Pacific Play Systems, Opens Latest Playground Project and Prepares for Installations in Sylmar and Temecula

Custom Playcraft Structure For Glenoaks Town Homes
Custom Playcraft Structure For Glenoaks Town Homes

Pacific Play Systems, Unveils New San Diego Playground Installation at Local Military Organizations, MCCS and MCRD, and Will Soon Open Two More Playground Projects at the Acacia Park Apartments in Temecula and the Glenoaks Townhomes in Sylmar.

After approximately a month and a half of installation work and several months spent in the planning stages, the new playground equipment for the military base MCCS and MCRD design-build project is finally open. The winner of the design-build bid, Pacific Play Systems, a local commercial playground equipment company located in Carlsbad, California, furnished and installed multiple playground structures, multiple swing structures, a tire swing structure, and a variety of freestanding play activities, such as climbing rock walls, a climbing net structure, and a “marine” landing craft. With a wide range of ground-level play activities, as well as multiple ramps providing access to upper play decks, the new play equipment provides a very high level of wheelchair accessibility for children of all ages. The safety surfacing installed throughout the area, PIP poured in place rubberized surfacing, also makes the entire play area ADA accessible for children in wheelchairs.

Playcraft Custom Play Structure At Acacia Park Apt’s

In addition to installing the playground equipment for military bases MCCS and MCRD, Pacific Play will also soon begin installation for two other playground projects at the Acacia Park Apartments in Temecula, California, and at the Glenoaks Townhomes in Sylmar, California. Each project is designed for children in the 2-12 age-group and will include a play structure custom designed by Pacific Play Systems and will be installed with engineered wood fiber safety surfacing. Both projects are expected to be completed within the next few weeks. Other projects in the planning stage for Pacific Play Systems according to Alex Bemanian, company’s southern California sales representative, include a renovation project for a city park in the North County, a park project under construction for the City of San Diego as well as a community park project for Lake Tamarisk Development, located in Desert Center, California.



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