Pacific Play Systems Supplies Themed Playground Equipment In San Diego

Pacific Play Systems has recently supplied themed playground equipment and swings for the City of San Diego’s Walker Park.

New Themed Playground Equipment At Walker Park For City Of San Diego

The San Diego based Pacific Play Systems’ themed playground equipment project at Walker Park has just recently been completed and opened to the public. For the San Diego park, located in the Mira Mesa area, Pacific Play has supplied a new Playcraft themed playground along with a 5” OD arch swing set and a freestanding “Tri-Spring Fling”. For safety surfacing, poured-in-place (PIP) rubberized surfacing over a concrete slab sub-base was furnished and installed by another vendor. As a secondary type of surfacing, Pro Tour play sand was provided adjacent to the PIP surfacing under a section of the swings.

The renovation of Walker Park has been a design-build project, taking several months of planning, design, and construction to complete. Aside from the new play equipment, the scope of work included site work, repairs to the existing sidewalks, demo, hauling, grading, along with the addition of handicapped-accessible parking spaces and new site furnishings. The new site amenities include wheelchair accessible picnic tables, benches, and trash receptacles, etc. The park’s new Playcraft equipment has been designed for accessibility by children in the 5-12 age-group range. Additionally, the composite play structure boasts a custom “treehouse” theme with themed components such as a “log climber”, “tree stump climber”, “ranger station”, “treehouse window panel” and more. The new structure also contains multiple slides, climbers, panels and overhead ladders, offering lots of play value and promoting physical fitness, while at the same time creating an environment for imaginative and creative play.

The new play system at Walker Park is not just a themed play structure, but is also a ‘hybrid’ play system as it contains a variety of “Revolution” play components in addition to traditional play elements. From challenging overhead activities such as a “U-Loop Traverse”, “Orbital Ring Hub”, and a “V-Wing Bar Traverse”, to the spinning “Gyro Capsule Spinner”, and balancing components such as the “Tri-Pad Traverse”, the Revolution play components provide a variety of high-challenge and unique play opportunities. Please click here to view our on-line Playcraft catalog.


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