All Aboard the Choo Choo Playground with Train Themed Equipment

train themed playground equipment

Pacific Play Systems proudly announces the completion of the newly installed Woodlawn Avenue Elementary School playground for LAUSD complete with train themed play equipment from Playcraft Systems. Installed in September 2019, this brightly colored train-shaped play event also includes additional freestanding play equipment, including a stand-alone double slide, a freestanding climber, and a playhouse that can be imagined to be a train station for the adjacent train play structure.

The choo choo, along with the additional freestanding play components, consists of bright primary colors that inspire the children to go out and explore the equipment. The main color of Pacific Blue lets the bright colors of Rhubarb Red and Sunshine Yellow pop up creating a magnet to help draw children into play. All these components were manufactured by Playcraft Systems. The overall play environment is suited for children ages 2-5.

train themed playground equipment

Choo Choo Train for Imagination and Play

The train themed playground equipment lets kids follow their imagination and pretend they are riding aboard a steam-powered locomotive across the wild west. They can even pretend to be the train conductor or play a game of cowboys and Indians. Not only that, the train also offers various playground play elements.

Kids can crawl through the train’s “smokebox” as a Straight Crawl Tube. Talk horns are located on the outside of the train letting kids communicate with their buddies inside the train. A Vertical Rock Climber is located on the same side at the rear of the train play structure. A Poly Double Wave Slide is also located at the train’s rear, ready for children to slide down to the conveniently placed “train station” playhouse play structure.

train themed playground equipment slide

Freestanding Play Structures

To add to the fun, there are various pieces of play equipment spread out in a straight line past the rear of the train structure. They all follow the blue and red color scheme of the train. After leaving the train through the slide, children can “pull into the station” which consists of Clubhouse Panels below a Shingled Gable Roof. For a little more challenge, next up is a climbing area consisting of Playcraft Revolution components of Lunar Climbers attached to a double set of Ripple Links. Lastly, at the end of the play selection is a Double Straight Slide for two friends to navigate down together!

free standing play structures

Safety Surfacing

Rubber tiles are placed below the train play structure and the freestanding play equipment as safety surfacing. Its neutral colors help emphasize the bright and playful colors of the entire playground event. The surface is safe for all children to play on without any fear of getting hurt.

Free standing slide

All these elements combine to create an exciting play experience for the students of Woodlawn Avenue Elementary School. It’s a fantastic way to bring the world of trains to a new generation. Can you think of any themed playgrounds? Let us to know in the comments below!


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