NFUSE – The Modular Playground of the Future

The play market is being hit by the NFUSE modular playground system. Manufactured by Playcraft Systems, this brand-new way of play brings together rope-based play equipment and the interconnecting design of modularity. You can create totally custom designs just by interlocking the many different components that NFUSE has to offer. It all starts with the Core elements and ends with connecting the virtually limitless extensions.

NFUSE modular playground

The Core of the NFUSE System

The NFUSE Core contains three distinct elements that combine to create the basic NFUSE structure. These core elements are the Hub, Bay, and Frame. They are the basic building blocks of NFUSE.


The Hub is the center of it all. You can connect the bays and frames to the hub to create various NFUSE structures with endless possibilities. The Hex Net Hub is the current hub offered by Playcraft Systems. You can be sure that more options will be available in the future!

Hex Net Hub


Bays give the play structure or module a variety of play options. The Tri-Ring Bay is one of the many bay options, letting kids travel through or above the bay. Other bay options include the Ring Traverse Bay with its overhead round rings for children to travel and swing across from end to end. The Hex Net Bay features net openings in front for kids to climb to the top. With all these bays, you can surround the hub with a combination of bays to your liking!

Tri-Ring Bay
NFUSE Ring Traverse Bay
Ring Traverse Bay
NFUSE Hex Net Bay
Hex Net Bay


You can’t have a proper structure without a frame to hold it all together! With various frames such as the Geo Hex Frame and the Ladder Frame, you can further personalize your NFUSE play structure for both looks and play features.

Geo Hex Frame
Ladder Frame


Connect even more to your NFUSE structures with the various extensions available. Attach shade sails to give children adequate shading and even more visual flair to your structure. The Slither Climber Extension lets kids climb atop a rotationally molded plastic climber up to the NFUSE play structure. You can also expand any bay component to be an Arch Bay for even more play features!

Shade Sail
Slither Climber Extension
Explorer's Arch Bay

NFUSE Modularity

The modularity of NFUSE is the highlight of the play system. Not only do NFUSE bays and components connect with one another, NFUSE also connects to Playcraft’s Round-5 modular components. Round-5 are traditional-style playground components that are used to create traditional play structures. Combining both NFUSE and Round-5 components creates a Hybrid Structure bringing the best of both worlds to the playground.

NFUSE modular playground
NFUSE Hybrid Structure

Popular NFUSE Modules and Structures

Playcraft has already provided a breadth of pre-designed structures for you to choose from. All of these are sure to be a hit with all the children that head to your park/playground. Noted are the model numbers just in case you see one to your liking!


Coming Soon to a Playground Near You

NFUSE will officially be released this upcoming January 2020. Be sure to contact Pacific Play Systems for consultation on the design and installation of your future NFUSE modular playground structure. Are you excited for NFUSE as much as we are? Let us know in the comments below!


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