Bob the Fish – New Way to Play

Pacific Play Systems, Inc. is pleased to partner with the Westfield UTC shopping mall in La Jolla, California, to install the “Bob the Fish” children’s frame net play area at the newly renovated Westfield Play Space. Our designers at Pacific Play Systems have created an ocean-themed mall playground in collaboration with the WestfieldDynamo Playgrounds and ID Sculpture design teams. Composite wood details, digitally designed terrain shapes and custom-made surfboards create the setting for an iconic steel sculpture with rope and fish that is thematically appropriate for the San Diego area. “Bob the Fish” will provide an enticing aquatic-style play environment for kids of all ages.

The final design of UTC’s “Bob the Fish” mall playground consists of a multi-level and fully functional game structure, composed of sea creatures, sculptures, seats and other elements, with rubber floors molded in various colors and inviting models on any terrain. This “playable art” has been carefully designed to allow children and adults to marvel and let their imaginations flow within different levels. New landscapes present different levels of challenges geared toward children ages 5 to 12.

The work of Pacific Play Systems in this project began with the creation of a talented team of designers to realize the vision of Westfield UTC. “Next, our project management team produced a complete set of construction documents for the project which included engineering drawings, foundation design and permit processing. The plan for the project was then approved by the City of San Diego.”

After months of planning and preparation, Pacific Play Systems enjoyed working with the Westfield site management team and our partners Dynamo, ID Sculpture, SpectraTurf, Freenotes Harmony Park, and installers to install “Bob the Fish.”

Pacific Play Systems, Inc. is proud to be part of the Westfield UTC Kids’ Play project development team with the prospect of “Bob the Fish” bringing both fun and relaxation to generations of children and parents to come.


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