Outdoor Fitness Solutions by TrekFit

Pacific Play Systems, Inc. is proud to partner with TrekFit for the development of outdoor fitness solutions fit for children, adults and senior citizens alike. These ADA compliant fitness solutions are not only cohesive to the environment, but to your community at large.

An abundance of residents and fitness devotees are already experiencing Trekfit’s innovative fitness solutions. Each of TrekFit’s outdoor fitness solutions are designed by their staff consisting of architects, engineers, and kinesiologists. Pacific Play and TrekFit are here to help you develop the urban playground of your dreams.

TrekFit offers four distinct urban workout solutions that will seamlessly blend into your community: Fitness Circuits, Obstacle Challenge, Calisthenic Racks, and Benchfit.

Fitness Circuits

TrekFit’s fitness circuit equipment gives the exerciser the urban workout their body deserves – right in their familiar environment. Pacific Play Systems can install a variety of fitness circuits ranging from pull-up bars and monkey bars to hurdles and balance beams. Each workout can vary per user’s fit experience, with even wheelchair-friendly workouts readily available.

Outdoor Fitness Circuit

Obstacle Challenge

TrekFit brings four brand new obstacle challenges that can combine to create an obstacle course that can challenge all ages. Each of these obstacles fit right in the urban and natural environment and are an ideal way for the community to interact and congregate. These obstacle challenges include the Cargo Net, the Crossing of Giants, the Climbing Wall and the Bamboo Jungle. Each workout can be adjusted according to the user’s needs due to the unique designs allowing a different experience each time.

Bamboo Challenge

Calisthenic Racks

Bodyweight exercising is gaining traction in the world and Trekfit’s calisthenic racks give users a free-body workout without any limitations. Originally starting off as military exercises and popularized as parkour, calisthenics training is not only efficient but fun. These calisthenic racks were developed to allow beginners to grow into their fullest acrobatic potential.

Calisthenics Racks


TrekFit also offers cost-efficient workout panels that can be placed next to any park bench with their whole-body Benchfit workouts. Not only do fitness gurus get their workout right on the bench, senior citizen workouts are also offered with the Benchfit program.


Pacific Play Systems will install any of these ADA compliant workout systems for your city or park for a healthier community. Be sure to contact us for your quote today.

If you’re curious for more, be sure to check out photographs of TrekFit’s previous projects that are readily available on site.


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