New School Play Equipment Installed at Saburo Muraoka Elementary

School playground equipment for Chula Vista's Saburo Maraoka Elementary School
New 5-12 Playground at Saburo Muraoka Elementary School

Pacific Play Installs Impressive New Playground Equipment for Saburo Muraoka Elementary School at Chula Vista

The brand-new Saburo Muraoka Elementary School at the City of Chula Vista recently teamed up with local Pacific Play Systems on an exciting school playground equipment project. The opening of Saburo Muraoka Elementary marks the 46th elementary school in the Chula Vista district. This school campus costs around $48 Million and is the newest addition to the Chula Vista Elementary School District. The school was named after Saburo Muraoka who immigrated to California in 1915. Mr. Muraoka became a very successful farmer and had a thriving agriculture business up until Japan attacked Pearl Harbor. During World War II, the Muraoka family was put into a Japanese internment camp and were forced to leave their home in Chula Vista. In 1946, the family returned to rebuild their business and lives. After years of hard work, Mr. Muraoka was able to buy land and start his own enterprise. Saburo Muraoka was a very influential and historically important figure, not only for the City of Chula Vista, but also for the entire San Diego community.

Dual wave slide playground equipment at Saburo Muraoka Elementary School at Chula Vista
Dual Wave Slides and More at Saburo Muraoka

Saburo Muraoka is an excellent name for the elementary school because of the adversity Mr. Muraoka and his family endured as well as his unshaken resilience and determination to prosper in Chula Vista. The former Chula Vista Mayor Shirley Horton wrote, “The story of Saburo Muraoka is a quintessentially American story — the story of an immigrant who came to this country legally as a teenager, worked hard, overcame the obstacles of one of the ugliest periods of discrimination in 20th-century America, started life anew and contributed greatly to his community.” The name is truly fitting for this school and will encourage children for generations to dream big and work hard and that anything is possible!

Custom Playcraft Playground for Children Ages 2-12

Teaming up with the Chula Vista ESD, Pacific Play Systems, Inc. provided and installed the exciting school playground equipment for Saburo Muraoka Elementary. The playground equipment used for the project was West Coast’s Playcraft Systems, an industry leader known for its high-quality commercial playground equipment.

The first playground targets the 5-12 age group and features five different types of climbing components, two wave slides, and a spiral slide. Not only do the climbing components on this structure offer a great workout for this age group, but they also help develop gross motor skills and build muscle in children’s upper bodies. This is an action-packed playground that will keep the kids entertained all through recess and lunch!

Wide Variety of Play Activities on Saburo Muraoka’s 2-12 Playground

The second playground featured for this elementary school has an age range of 2-12 and offers multiple interactive panel activities such as the ABC panel, Pinball, and Tic-Tac-Toe panels. This playground has several types of slides including a spiral slide, a quarter turn slide, and a double slide. This playground is very versatile for the range of ages and offers some type of component for every child to play and socialize on. Pacific Play Systems was truly honored to be able to provide the school playground equipment and help enhance the City of Chula Vista through this project. Saburo Muraoka Elementary School’s first day of school was July 19th and the district and staff are excited for their first academic year!


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