Scripps Highland HOA: Incorporating Exercise Equipment in Community Parks

Scripps Highland HOA exercise equipment
New fitness station at Scripps Highland HOA

Pacific Play Installs New Exercise Equipment at Scripps Highland HOA

Scripps Highland HOA recently decided to update their neighborhood playground area, adding not only new playground equipment but also new exercise equipment as well. The new fitness equipment at Scripps Highland is accessible for both adults and teens. This is becoming a common trend in community and city parks. This neighborhood pocket park now has something for everyone. Fitness equipment is a great option for neighborhoods with families and single people, as everyone in the neighborhood can benefit from the fitness and playground equipment regardless if they have children or not.

Another view of Scripps Highland’s new fitness station

Families are able to come to this neighborhood park and play on the playground while the parents work out. This can be considered a family outing, and for parents, it is a good way to role model the importance of exercise and getting outside. Exercise equipment can fit in most areas because of its compactness and can include multiple exercises in one piece of equipment. Scripps Highland HOA’s fitness equipment includes a variety of stations such as a pull-up and dip station, step-up station, and a sit-up station. This variety is a great way to get a full-body workout in. Scripps Highland park is now not just for the children, but for the teens and parents as well, as it now offers multiple activities for all ages and truly benefits the community as a whole.

Dip, Push-up, Pull-up, and Step-up Stretch shown here

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